The dreaded EEG…

Our neurologist is awesome and so is the person (Ramsey) he sends to your house for an EEG.  Sean has had a few EEGs in his 9 years.  This is the second one done at home.  The first one went way better than I expected to be honest.  This latest one was harder than I anticipated.  Meeting in the middle of those two experiences would have been nice.

It took about an hour to get it all on him.  Poor Kelly took the brunt of Sean’s displeasure. Kelly literally had to sit in front of him on a chair and have Sean wrap his arms around him.  When Sean would get too upset, he would try (and too often succeed) at butting Kelly’s back with his head. This would cause some of the connections to jar loose and we’d be back at square one. We got through it though, but all four of use were sweating by the time it was done. If Kelly hadn’t been there this time, it would have been nearly impossible to get done.

The doctor wanted it hooked up for up to two days.  Having him wear it while sleeping would have been important. Ramsey said that he had hoped we’d get an hour of reading out of this EEG.  Kelly and I took Sean to DQ right after because not only would it take his mind off of it all for a bit, but he also deserved a treat.  He was pretty tough to handle during it all, but I am sure he was uncomfortable and scared too.

I took the other kids to finish their school clothes/supplies shopping and received word that Sean had pulled half of it off.  He lasted and hour and 45 minutes with it all on.  WE pretty much knew that unless we strapped him down, he wasn’t going to keep it on.  Fortunately, we weren’t having the EEG done because of a suspected problem. Hopefully, the doctor can get some sort of data from this one because I’m not thinking we’re going to do that again anytime soon! 😉



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